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25 Greeting Dog Card Ideas to Celebrate Every Important Occasion

January 17, 2022

Thinking of giving your pup-loving friends the best mail surprise?

Send them cute dog greeting cards depending on the occasion!

Read on to get some ideas you can use.

Greeting card ideas based on occasions

“Hello” dog greeting cards

There doesn’t have to be an occasion for you to mail someone you love a card greeting. You also don’t need any significant reason to send someone a simple “Hello!” card to brighten their day.

The following are dog greeting card ideas that you can use to say hello to your dog-loving friends via mail.

1) A simple hello (Labradoodle photo greeting card)

Show your adoration to your friends’ dogs by giving them this dog greeting card that sends cheery greetings from their pups their way.

This won’t only brighten your friend’s day, but they might also relay this message to their adorable pup through pats, treats, or words of love.

In the end, it gives everyone involved a smile on their faces.

2) Hot diggity dog, you’re great!

You don’t necessarily have to have a reason to send someone a card. Saying hello by telling someone how awesome they are is already reason enough at times.

Make the day or week of a dog lover who appreciates a good pun by sending them this type of dog card greeting that tells them how great you think they are.

3) Oh, hello (Labrador photo greeting card)

Cute and charming, put a smile on your pooch-loving friend by sending them a greeting card with a dog saying hello to the receiver.

Only a few things could top a dog acting all human on winning a grin on someone.

4) Je t’aime (Funny Labrador art greeting card)

Greet your friend by telling them how much you love them with a greeting card that has a dog acting all cute and fancy and relaying your words for you.

A pup holding a flower on their mouth and a glass of wine on their paws, with the endearing dog-pun as their dialogue, would surely captivate the heart of whoever receives this dog greeting card.

You can even send this during Valentine’s.

5) Favorite companion (Best friends Labradors photo greeting card)

Remind your friend that you love being with them by greeting them with a dog-inspired favorite companion card.

Pictures of your favorite human and dogs would make one of the most adorable greeting cards there is.

6) Best dog mom/dad

We all have that one friend who treats dogs just like how humans treat their toddlers, or maybe even better.

Tell that friend of yours how good they are at taking care of their pups by sending a greeting card of them posing with their four-legged child.

This card would indeed show your human bestie how much you adore their close dog-human relationship.

You can even make it look like the dog is sending a mother’s/father’s day card themself.

7) Love you to the moon and bark

Show your love and affection to your recipient by telling them how much you love them with this adorable pun message.

A picture of a cute dog floating in space along with the stars would surely relay your loving message.

You could even use this design for Valentine.

“Thank you” dog greeting cards

Nothing says thank you than a wide-smiling dog on a thank you card. You can use the following dog-inspired card designs to express your gratitude to your lovable recipient.

We’ve listed a few recommendations below.

Just don’t forget to write something as sincere as the innocent pups on the greeting card in your letter!

8) Thank you (Labrador extends a thank you, Paws and thank you)

Spice up your thank you cards by sending a dog thank you card for every moment you want to show your gratitude.

A silhouette of a pup wagging its tail at the recipient with words of gratitude would surely do an excellent job of relaying your thankful message.

9) Dog pack’s thank you note

If you think that a single pup is not enough to express your gratitude, try increasing their number and using a dog pack design.

A dog carrying every letter of your “thank you” is sure to make your recipient squeal because of the cuteness of your thank you card.

“Happy birthday” dog greeting cards

Those people we know who truly cherish their furry little friends are the kind to adore anything and everything related to puppies.

So, what better way to greet your dog-loving friends on their special day than with a cute dog birthday card, right? It even works when the celebrant is your friend’s pup.

Here are some ideas:

10) A dog as the sendee (Oh happy day Labrador birthday card)

Send your best wishes to whoever dog-parent is having a birthday by giving them a birthday card as if your dog was the one sending it.

A picture or a dog’s silhouette with birthday wishes on top will surely make the celebrant squeal from the cuteness. You could even make it sound like your dog is eagerly waiting for the following visit of the birthday celebrant.

11) Party animal (Labrador birthday card)

Imagine several dogs surrounded by celebration balloons as they crowd around a birthday cake with their hats snuggly worn on their adorable little heads.

A dog-loving birthday celebrant won’t be able to help but feel their hearts beat with excitement as they gaze upon the captivating dogs in their festive mood.

12) Birthday fun with loads of Corgi butts

Give your loved one a serious amount of giggles on their birthday by sending them a greeting card with different kinds of Corgi butts on it.

Corgis are already cute by themselves, but a lineup of their iconic butts will surely make your Corgi-loving friends have the time of their lives.

Holiday dog greeting cards

You don’t need a holiday as an excuse to send someone a card, but that doesn’t mean you should not send one when a holiday does poke its head around the corner.

Dogs on holiday cards make the greeting a million times better, as you’ll see and feel below.

13) ‘Tis the season for some sweaters

What else could you ever want than a bunch of dogs wearing sweaters for Christmas?

Put your dressed-up dog on top of gift boxes or beside a Christmas tree, and you just made someone’s holiday.

14) Dog sled

What’s the best way to make your dog-loving friend miss your pup this holiday, you ask?

Simple: just send them a greeting card with your adorable furbaby having the best time of their life sliding down the snow on their dog sled.

The contagious smile on your pup’s face will surely make your dog-loving friend wish they were with you right there and then.

15) Season’s greetings, dress up! (Labrador art Christmas greeting card, Feliz Navidad)

If a dog wearing a costume could make an ordinary person squeal with all the cuteness, how much more do you think your pup-loving friend could handle?

Just be ready to receive exciting mail replies about how irresistibly charming your dressed-up dog is.

16) Pugs and kisses

Send this holiday greeting card to your Pug-loving friend who enjoys a good pun.

A picture of a Pug under the mistletoe or beside a pumpkin would surely make them hug and kiss the next pug they see.

General dog greeting cards

17) My aPAWlogies

Nothing says sorry more than the apologetic face of a dog who knows it did something bad.

You can even use this remorseful look of your dogs to show how much you’re sorry to someone.

Who knows, that someone might even forgive you right there and then, especially if they’re a diehard dog-lover.

18) Congratulations, you made it!

You don’t need a great reason to congratulate someone over something. Sometimes, a simple congratulation on surviving another day is enough to put a smile on someone’s face.

A thumbs up on a smiling pup, along with your congratulatory statement, will make any dog-loving recipient appreciate your message.

19) The quick brown woof jumps over any hurdle

Lighten up your loved one’s day by sending them dog-filled motivational greeting cards, especially if they’re a dog person.

Dogs jumping over obstacle courses or pups on top of a rainbow will surely bring back the smile on your beloved’s face.

20) Pats and graduation hats (Oh happy day)

It’s that hat-throwing time of the year again, and nothing beats celebrating this momentous day of your pup-loving friend than mailing them dog greeting cards with pups wearing graduation hats.

21) Thinking of you

Remind your loved ones how much you miss them by sending them a greeting card with a thought bubble on top of a dog.

You can even spice it up by putting your recipients’ faces on the thought bubble to relay the message that you’re thinking about and are missing them.

22) A best friend leaves a paw print in your heart

A dog greeting card does not necessarily need to have a dog in the card. Sometimes, a dog’s paw is enough.

Let your best friend know how important they are in your life by reminding them of the journey you’ve gone together.

A trail of dog paw prints seemingly leading to an unknown destination will not only let your friend remember your past journeys, but they will also think about your future adventures.

23) Happy Easter

Get your Fido involved in your Easter fun with friends!

A photo of a generous Labrador sharing his Easter basket with your friend will surely make them feel extra special.

24) Have a wild Christmas (Labrador art Christmas greeting card, Makes me mad the reindeer get the credit, Every day should be Christmas, Santa I’ve been good)

What better way to send someone your Christmas greetings than over a personalized, high-quality linen greeting card? Share the Christmas cheer with your friend and even their furry kids.

25) Happy New Year (Labrador photo greeting card)

The advent of a new year ushers an exciting time for almost everyone. So, why not raise your glasses and toast your loved ones with dog greeting cards that contain photos of the one thing they love (i.e., pups)?


The best way to relay the message on your greeting card, aside from the generous amount of iconic dog goodness, is to put the words into the card clearly.

Don’t forget that your message is the most crucial factor when sending one and that the dogs are there to compliment your statement.

Now, go artsy and craft your dog greeting card.