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Celebrate Your Dog With These 32 Personalized Dog Gifts

October 31, 2021

Wondering what to give your precious fur baby for their Birthday, National Dog Day or just any day during the week?

We have curated 32 personalized dog gifts that your adorable Fido will surely love.

Let’s dive right in.


1) Custom Paracord Dog Collar with Personalized Dog Tag

Give your dog one of these collars with custom paracords to show off their uniqueness.

This high-quality collar comes with a personalized dog tag and is made with a military-grade 550 Paracord for additional durability.

It also has a silver, metal side-release buckle contoured for maximum comfort, a nickel D-ring for heavy-duty leash attachment, and an anodized aluminum dog tag for rust-free effects.

These mildew-immune collars are even washable by hand, are as durable as nylon collars, and are very fade-resistant.

Not only can you collar your dog in style, but you also collar them with comfort!

Dog tags

2) Personalized Dog Bone ID Tag – 1.25″ (Double-sided, Got Lost Looking for Bitches)

This adorable bone-shaped ID tag is perfect for giving more personality to your furry friends. You can write anything you want on the tag to help protect and identify them.

Keep your four-legged companions protected and well-identified with this stylish setup.

3) Hand-Stamped Pet ID Tag (copper, aluminum)

This hand-stamped personalized pet ID tag is one cute way for you to keep important information in the event that your dog gets lost.

It’s a lightweight, one-inch dog tag that adds uniqueness to your Fido and comes in an organza gift bag.


4) Breast Cancer Pet Bandana

Wanna help breast cancer victims in their fight against this deadly disease?

National Dog Day can be one event where your dog can become an advocate against breast cancer, too!

Show your support and your dog’s support for breast cancer awareness with this cute pet bandana. It even has adorable pink snap buttons for added flair.

5) Beach Day Pet Bandana

It’s that time of the year again when people frequent the beach and enjoy the refreshing seawater under the scorching sun.

Why not get your dog all styled-up and beach-ready with this beach-themed pet bandana? You can enjoy watching other beachgoers show their adoration to your lovable Fido.

6) Popsicle Fun Pet Bandana

This super colorful pet bandana is an excellent gift for your adorable dog who loves to lick these sweet treats.

Just imagine how excited they would be when you show them their favorite bite on a cloth, much more when you adorn it around their neck.

7) Rainbow Hearts Pet Bandana

Does your dog love to play in the rain? Do they jump around excitedly whenever they see rainbows forming in the sky?

This styled pet bandana would make for a perfect gift for them then.

The colorful rainbows mixed with cute hearts go together perfectly. This bandana perfectly matches its pink snap buttons, too, and its pink threads.

8) Dancing Sharks Pet Bandana

With Shark Week just around the corner, why not equip your dog with this adorable, shark-themed pet bandana to get them tuned to the festivity?

You can also give this to your Fido if they really love sharks in general.

9) Baby Yoda Pet Bandana

May the Force be with you and your dog this National Dog Day!

Gift your precious Fido with the blessings of the Jedi with this pet bandana of Baby Yoda.

Let your special dog channel the Force when they travel in style.

10) Superhero Squirrel Pet Bandana

Is your dog a fan of some squirrel superhero in the bedtime story you narrate to them?

This personalized pet bandana is the perfect gift for your dog’s birthday then.

Watch them run around in excitement as they get to be with their favorite character whenever they go out.

11) Handmade Personalized Dog Bandanas

Spoil your precious Fido with these personalized pet bandanas that William Wagtail handmade themselves!

A fan of fun and unique wearables for dogs, its founder and creator, Nathan Kim, even donates a portion of every pet bandana purchase towards food and basic medical coverage for dogs.

So, not only will these designs increase your dogs’ cuteness through the roof; you’re also able to support even other Fidos that need love.

Check them out here!

12) The Snap Bandana in Yellow Check

Challenge the uncommon and equip your dog with this checkered and super adorable snap bandana for pets.

Give them a more regal flair if you want them to look cuter and more fluffy as animal companions.

13) Geode Pet Bandana

Help your dog express their own personality and style by giving them these distinctively pretty prints of geode designs.

Your fur baby will definitely look like there’s more to them than meets the eye.

14) Butterfly Autism Awareness Pet Bandana (first, second)

Adorn your special dog with this very colorful and expressive pet bandana this National Dog Day!

You’re not only presenting your dog in style, but you’re also showing your unwavering support for autism awareness.

This awareness pet bandana also serves as an excellent dog gift if your pup is fond of butterflies.

15) Pink Dragonfly Pet Bandana

Beautify your dog with a swarm of adorable dragonflies of all sizes, fluttering their way into this bright pink fabric.

This cute pet bandana also serves as an excellent gift if your dog is fond of dragonflies or loves the color pink.

16) Pet Bandanas with a Pocket

Showcasing your dog while having some pet essentials within reach is vital when taking a stroll. That’s why style and storage are such an excellent combination to have.

This handmade bandana easily fulfills both categories, with its stylish design and inside pockets for doggy bags or treats. Made from cotton fabrics, you can even present it as a gift for dog lovers.

17) Dog Bandana White-Black Stripes (small, medium, large)

Simple, yet powerful. Adorn your dog with a flair of neutrality with this black-and-white striped bandana.

It’s available in all sizes, too, so it’s perfect not just for small dogs but even for medium-sized and large breeds.

18) Dog Bandana Blue and White (small, medium, large)

Sewn with stylish, reversible plaid printing, these bandanas would make for a perfect gift for your Fido.

It’s soothing, charming, and exudes quite a refreshing appeal.

Leash Accessories

19) Leather Poop Bag Dispenser (Ladybug, Skull Head with Wings)

This custom-made leather poop bag dispenser is not only stylish but also very functional.

It clips onto most loops and leash rings and can even hold a roll of plastic poop bags and car keys. It also has a magnetic snap to keep the dispenser securely attached.

20) Poop Bag Holder – Pooty Pet (Sierra, Winston, Phantom)

Add a bit of style when reaching for a poop bag by having a super-convenient and unique poop bag holder attached to the leash.

Your dog might even find a friend with these adorable dog designs that quite quickly lashes onto the leash.

Quilts / Pet Beds / Mats

21) Quilts – Handsewn Beautiful Comfort Quilts for Dogs

Your dog will surely love these warm and comfortable quilts specially handmade just for them.

They can even have their names sewn into the fabric to personalize how important your dog is.

What’s more, these quilts are not a hassle to wash. Simply throw it into the washer-dryer whenever you need to clean it, and you can have a clean bag ready for your dog to use.

22) Pet Design Floral Pet Mat/Bed (small, large)

Soft and adorable with its floral designs, this pet mat from BarkYours will surely be your dog’s go-to spot for sleeping and petting.

It’s a perfect gift from dog owners with pups that love to sniff at flowers whenever they get the chance.

Pet Fashion

23) Yellow Terry Cloth Bathrobe for Dogs

Dry your dog with this super-absorbent bathrobe that radiates class!

With this handmade bathrobe, you don’t have to worry about comfort or quality since it’s made from specialty remnant fabrics. It also has hidden snaps and an attached sash tie to keep the robe on.

24)  Jaxon Red Leather Sling Dog Carrier with Leopard Lining (small, medium)

Carry your precious Fido everywhere with this super stylish leather string pet carrier.

Not only is it fashionable; it’s also highly functional. In fact, it comes equipped with a cozy interior for your dog’s maximum satisfaction, side pockets for added storage, and an adjustable leather strap for greater comfort.

Your dog will surely enjoy your travels more as both of you go around in style.

25) Cute Dog Shirt with Matching Mask – Money / Dinero

Show your love for your adorable Fido as you stroll outside in matching outfits like some inseparable couple on a date.

This hand-sewn dog-inspired outfit is made from cozy cotton fabric that is sure to keep your fur baby warm and comfortable.

26) Classic Leather Sling Dog Carrier Nu Brown with Leopard Lining (small, medium)

Travel with your dog with ease, style, and comfort as you carry them around in this classic leather sling dog carrier.

Nothing is more remarkable than showing off your love for luxury and your dog, both at the same time.

This dog carrier is very convenient as a dog gift since it has an additional leather strap with a hook to attach your dog’s leash for added safety.

27) Harness/Vest with a Matching Mom/Dad Face Mask (Yorkie Tiffany, Chocolate Poodle)

Dress up your cute pup with this hand-sewn, designer dog vest that’s sure to catch the heart of anyone who sees it.

The fabric is also easy-to-wear for dogs and will surely increase their appeal.

What’s more, it comes with a matching face mask that makes this set a great gift for dog lovers who want to pair up with and show their affection for their canines.

28) Dog Outfit with Matching Mom/Dad Face Mask (America Is Great, Wild Horses, Avocado Princess, Lucha Libre)

Go all out when dressing your lovable Fido with this cute dog outfit!

Not only will it skyrocket your dog’s charm through the roof, but you can even partner with your dolled-up fur baby with a matching face mask that comes with the set.

Treats, Foods, and Wellness

29) Calming Honey Chamomile Paw Balm Pet Candle

Help your pups maintain their serene mood with this pet candle infused with the calming combination of Chamomile, Clary Sage, Patchouli, and Geranium essential oils. It’s an excellent item to have when you’re having guests over that are unfamiliar with your dog.

The melted wax from this candle can help nourish, heal, and hydrate the vulnerable paws of your precious fur baby. You can even use it to nourish your hands.

30) Bonne et Filou Combo Pack 3 Boxes of Dog Macarons | Dog Treats (Strawberry, Mint, Lavender)

One of the best treats you can give to your sweet-toothed Fido is a box of macarons specially made for them.

Bonne et Filou’s dog macarons are all handmade treats that use all-natural, premium, human-grade ingredients. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the food being detrimental to your dog’s health.

You can freely choose the flavor that your irresistible fur baby likes best, or you can just get them all in one go with the combo pack set.

31) Brewscuits (Original, Half Pints)

Treat your pup to an all-natural dog biscuit that uses the upcycled grain from beer brewing processes.

You can pick the flavor that your dog likes, from peanut butter to pumpkin and sweet potato.

These grains contain about 20% protein and 70% fiber. With protein being a vital energy source for dogs and fiber helping your pup digest valuable vitamins and minerals, Brewscuits can be one of the best dog gift treats.

You can buy the original pack (which is composed of 4” dog biscuits) in an 8oz. resealable bag. The half pints, on the other hand, are half those measurements.

32) Yoyo’s Breath Treat Cookie Mix

Planning to make a great batch of fresh, healthy, and delicious cookie dog treats in under 30 minutes?

Keep your dog healthy and satisfied both at the same time!

This dog treat mix from Yoyo is not only made from 100% human-grade ingredients. It also gives your dog kissable breath and a healthier stomach.

All in all

This list of personalized dog gifts will surely make a welcome addition to your precious fur baby’s essentials.

Just take note that while the gift selections above may be enough to make your dog happy, your feelings when giving them these presents are what gives them the most pleasure.

Don’t forget to spend some time with them, and enjoy the rest of the National Dog Day!