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4th of July Photo Contest

June 18, 2019

Today we announced our 4th of July photo contest.  While summer may not officially start for a few days, we know that the season is in full swing for many of you.  And, that’s why we are eager to see some special pictures of your dog enjoying this time of year.  Send us your favorite picture of your dog(s) taking in the sun, playing in the park, going on a road trip, or anything else that shows them enjoying the season.  We’re excited to see some fun shots and special moments from our BarkYours community.

Here are the details:

We’re celebrating summertime with a special photo contest.  Email a picture of your dog(s) to info@BarkYours.com – include your name, your dog’s name, a US shipping address, and any special details on the picture that you’d like to share.  One lucky winner will receive great gifts to get you and your dog ready for summer, and a feature on BarkYours.com.  All pictures submitted will be showcased on our blog:  https://blog.barkyours.com/ and may get featured on social media.  We’d love to hear your comments and favorites!

Scroll down to see all of our entries and a list of the great prizes you can win.

Contest Submissions

Prizes for the Winner

Hanging with My Dog at the Beach T-Shirt

This t-shirt has a cool vintage finish, and is perfect for a warm summer day at the beach, or wherever else you enjoy hanging out.  It’s made and designed by a creative artist on BarkYours – Dogz Dogz Ts & More.


4th of July Tote Bag

Celebrate summer, Independence Day, and your dog, with this practical and eye-catching tote bag. Take it on a summer adventure or just carry it around time.  This tote back was designed by BarkYours, and is part of the “Love, Licks and a Wagging Tail” line; proceeds from every item sold go to a BarkYours’ featured charity.


Personalized Dog Bowl

What pampered pet wouldn’t love having a personalized dish to eat his/ her daily summer feasts out of?  This ceramic bowl is made by Pucci Pet Apparel and will be customized to the winners’ liking!