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5 Beautiful Dog Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree

December 8, 2022

Christmas is one of the best times to fill your home with even more dog-inspired home decor—in this case, dog Christmas ornaments. After all, decorating the tree and the entire house is one of the most memorable parts of the holiday season. 

Dog ornaments for your Christmas tree

You can buy these beautiful dog ornaments online if you want to add more “dog cheer” to your tree this year.

1) Handmade Wood Decorations by Country Roads Pyrography

Country Roads Pyrography creates one-of-a-kind wood decorations with handmade burnt wood designs. 

They can make personalized Christmas tree decors featuring your dogs, their names, and a short holiday message.

Apart from that, they also make magnets, ornaments, and signs, so you can have them create Christmas decor for you that can also double as a cute refrigerator magnet. 

2) Minimalist Dog Ornaments by R’tsy Designs

If you’re looking for something simpler but still personalized to your home’s theme, you can check out the dog ornaments created by R’tsy Designs

Their creations include personalized leash and treat holders, cute mugs, and even treat jars. 

3) Ceramic dog ornaments

Hand-painted ceramic ornaments are always an excellent investment. They never get old and out of style, which means you can reuse them every year, and they can still add a unique touch to your holiday tree. 

You can also go for those double-sided ceramic ornaments where you can add a photo of yourself on one side and a photo of your dog on the other.

4) Pawprint ornaments

Another minimalist but meaningful way to decorate your tree is to add ornaments made from your dog’s paw prints. You can have these made by professionals or make them on your own at home. 

DIY paw print ornament kits let you capture your fur baby’s paw prints and hang them on your tree. 

You can also use clay or non-toxic plaster. Ask your local art store for the right materials you can use.

5) Wood-carved ornaments

Wood-carved ornaments, much like minimalist decors, never go out of style. They are also durable and affordable, especially if you get them from local creators and artists. 

Maintaining these kinds of decors is also very easy. After the holiday season, you can wrap them in paper and store them in sealed boxes along with your Christmas lights and other decorations.

Other dog decors you can add to your home

Your tree isn’t the only part of your home that you can decorate with dog-inspired ornaments. You can also hang canine-themed Christmas socks, streamers, and banners around your home. You can also check out these items:

Christmas-themed scented candles by Golden Paws Candle Company

Nothing says holiday cheer than sitting by the fire and the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree. You can achieve that for your home through scented candles. 

This Frosted Pines Sage Ceramic Candle will leave your home smelling like pines, lemon peels, cypress, and cedar.

The Golden Paws Candle Company has other creations you can choose from. For example, they have candles in tin cans that will leave the smell of cinnamon sticks, apples, and cranberries wafting around your house.

Christmas-themed dog treat jars and bowls

Your decoration doesn’t have to be new every year. You can bring out and start using your canine’s Christmas-themed treat jars and bowls to add more holiday cheer to your home. 

Decorative pillows, magnets, coasters, and even tea towels are excellent items to add to your home. Just pick the ones that will fit into your theme this year. Professional designers and decorators will tell you the key is choosing the right colors.

Personalized greeting cards

If you don’t feel like decorating this year, you can send out holiday greetings through personalized cards instead. 

There are so many to choose from. You can include a photo of your family or just one with you and your fur babies. 

Looking for personalized gifts, you can send your canine-loving friends? Check out this holiday shopping list on BarkYours.