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6 Best Dog and Wine Shirt Ideas That Make It All Fine

November 21, 2022

There are many excellent combinations in the world: bacon and egg, ham and cheese, cream cheese and bagels, and more.

But for dog parents, nothing beats a quiet afternoon with a dog and a glass of chilled wine. 

Couldn’t agree more? Here’s a list of some of the best wine and dog shirts that perfectly sum up the joy of sinking onto the couch with a glass of wine and your fur baby by your side. 

Best dog and wine shirt ideas

1) This Dog & Wine Makes it All Fine shirt

For dog lovers, nothing is truer than how dogs (and a glass of wine) make everything feel better—this V-neck cotton shirt captures just that. 

This wine and dog shirt is also excellent, no matter the weather. It comes in a deep Heather purple color and several designs.

2) This Living the Dream dog and wine shirt

Dogs make the best company—they won’t judge you for your choices, love hanging out with you no matter the activity, and are the best cuddle companions. 

So who’s to say you’re “alone” if you’re “drinking” with your dog?

This Living the Dream wine and dog shirt is an excellent statement tee to let everyone know you don’t mind being alone with your canine. 

This short sleeve shirt is made from thick cotton. In addition, the garment is dyed in a nice grungy charcoal color.

3) How about an “I have plans with my dog” wine and dog shirt?

There are days when you just don’t feel like going out, and it’s okay.

However, if you find it difficult to make up excuses when your friends ask you out, you can get this hilarious wine and dog t shirt. 

It’s a friendly and funny way to let your loved ones know you’d rather stay in and hang out with your fur baby. It comes in black, steel blue, and pink.

4) This Lazy Day dog and wine shirt

As hardworking dog moms and dads, you deserve lazy days. So why not get yourself a Lazy Day dog and wine shirt like this one? 

It’s printed on a soft and cozy unisex cotton shirt, and you can get one for your significant other for a cute matchy look. It comes in three colors: pink, light blue, and blue. 

You can also get this design printed on a hoodie sweatshirt.

5) This witty “My Dog Said I Can’t Go” wine and dog shirt

Still can’t convince your friends that you’d rather stay home? This hilarious “My Dog Said I Can’t Go” wine and dog shirt might just drive the point. 

This bestseller will let your buddies know you still love hanging out with them, but this time, you just can’t because “the boss” of the house requires snuggles. 

The shirt comes in black, light blue, and lilac. It’s unisex, too, so it’ll look good on fur moms and dads. There’s also a sweatshirt version for this cute wine and dog shirt. 

6) This Dog Beer wine and dog shirt

Not much of a wine drinker? Get this “In Dog Beers I’ve Only Had One” wine and dog shirt instead. 

It comes in a beautiful blue jean color, which matches anything from your comfy pajamas to your favorite jeans. 

You can wear it home while chilling with your canine or to a nice night out with your friends.

BONUS: This “My dog said you should buy me coffee” shirt

We can’t let the wine and beer drinkers have all the fun!

Let this one speak for you if you’re looking for a statement shirt that captures your love for a cup of Joe—after all, who can resist a “request” from man’s best friend?

This statement shirt for dog lovers is 60% cotton and 40% poly. It has short sleeves and a crewneck that’ll look good on any fur mom and dad.

Dog and wine shirts are excellent gifts, too!

Are you looking for a nice, personalized gift for your dog-loving friend? Why not get them these dog and wine shirts?

Statement shirts about dogs are always an excellent gift for your canine-obsessed buddies.

These shirts capture our undying love for dogs and are a great way to show off wit and a sense of humor.