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7 Best Dog Bandanas to Try This 2023

January 9, 2023

Another year, another set of trendy dog accessories.

So if you’re looking for accessories that will suit your furbaby, how about a dog bandana?

Here is a list of the best dog bandanas you can try this 2023.

Let’s dive in.

What should you look for in a dog bandana?

1) Size

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your dog’s bandana perfectly fits them.

Note, though, that there isn’t a set standard for custom dog bandana sizes. So, if you already know your pet’s exact measurements, just pick the one that closely fits them.

2) Material used

Another thing you need to consider when looking for a bandana for your pup is the material.

Your dog may be allergic to the fabric used. It’s also possible that the material itself is too heavy to wear or is not breathable.

You also need to consider whether or not it’s easy to clean and whether your dog would be comfortable wearing it frequently.

3) How the dog bandana is secured

More often than not, canine companions are rambunctious and incredibly active animals.

This means that as a pet parent, you can expect that they will most likely get into a mess while they explore their surroundings.

Because of this, you have to see to it that the bandana won’t come undone while your pup wears it around their neck.

Seven best dog bandanas your dog will want to try

1) Blue-and-white dog bandana

A classic buffalo plaid design that dog parents will surely love. Timeless and fashionable, there is no doubt that this dog bandana pattern will make your furbaby stand out.

If you and your pup enjoy outdoor activities, this bandana is the perfect accessory because of its breathable and lightweight fabric.

2) Butterfly-designed dog bandana

A cool design? Check. Highlights your dog’s artistic sense? Check. DIY dog bandana? Check!

Even better, the butterfly design supports autism awareness!

Available in small, medium, and large sizes, this dog bandana comes with a selection of colored snap buttons that emphasize your dog’s sense of style.

3) Golden shimmer with fringe dog bandana 

Are you looking for the perfect dog Christmas bandana? BarkYours has just the thing for you!

Although not exactly a Christmas-themed bandana, this dog bandana pattern comes in red plaid with beautiful gold accents and a cute fringe. You can definitely use it for Christmas, and people won’t be able to stop glancing at your furbaby.

Its sizes include XS, small, medium, and large, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting your pup.

4) Rainbows and hearts dog bandana

Picking the best DIY dog bandana for your furbaby, regardless of the occasion, comes with great responsibility. After all, you want to make sure your pup looks charming and unique in everyone’s eyes.

Luckily, your Fido can use this bandana even on specific holidays. In fact, it will definitely serve your dog well as a dog birthday bandana.

5) Trendsetter dog bandana

If you want a chic alternative for your Fido to wear around their neck, this is a handcrafted bandana your dog won’t want to miss.

Although it only comes in two available sizes, medium and large dogs can wear this dog bandana pattern in comfort.

6) Snap bandana in yellow check

The perfect choice for those who love doing outdoor activities with their pups!

If you like seeing your pup look as dapper as they can be, this DIY dog bandana pattern is designed with a snap button. So, rather than tie it around your pup’s neck, you have to snap both ends with the button to keep the custom bandana in place.

7) Beach day dog bandana

Going to the beach is never a problem with this DIY dog bandana!

The perfect bandana for your dogs to wear even during summertime, this custom bandana is ideal for XS, small, medium, and even large breeds.

The fabric also uses beautiful colors that signify fun party times on the beach with your furbabies.


A dog bandana is a great way to show off your dog’s unique sense of self and style.

But if you prefer to sew a bandana just for your pup, we suggest reading this article on how to sew a dog bandana in nine simple steps.

What other dog bandanas do you recommend this year? Feel free to share your thoughts!