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7 Birthday Dog Cards to Celebrate the Dog Lovers in Your Life

August 17, 2022

Are you in a tight spot on how to greet your dog lover friends on their birthdays?

We’re sure you would like to make their special day memorable, so why not try to greet them with dog cards?

If you want a more special dog birthday card, here is a list you can choose from:

1) Dog card with birthday bow ties and tails

This dog birthday card may do the trick if you plan to give this to a friend who loves seeing dogs in bow ties.

Bonus points if they’re into all sorts of vintage-looking stuff.

After all, this dog card is like a vintage-looking postcard. It’s as long as a full A7 paper, although folded down to 5×7, and is printed on a textured stock.

Not only that, but this dog card is environment-friendly, too. The envelope, card, cardboard mailers, and plastic sleeves are made of recycled content that’s also recyclable. 

The dogs you see on the card? They’re all rescue breeds.

Warms your heart, doesn’t it?

2) Funny Great Dane dog card

Funny and cartoonish? Here’s a great dog birthday card for you! It is even perfect if your friends love or own Great Danes. 

The content of this card looks like a meme, but it will tug the hearts of any dog lover because it is relatable to them. With smooth dog art, lighthearted vibes, and an adorable Great Dane staring at you, this dog card can also capture the hearts of any dog lover.

3) Labrador birthday dog card

Does your dog lover friend or acquaintance love Labradors?

One of our dog cards has a cute way of letting you show your greetings through the adorable face of a Labrador Retriever!

A greeting card made of high-quality linen, this dog birthday card has a photo affixed and a matching linen envelope.

It’ll definitely catch the attention of any Lab lover, considering how it looks like a Labrador is waiting for the celebrant to blow their candles on the cake.

With its simple but adorable art, you won’t want to miss this card!

4) Dog on a bike greeting card

The materials and design of this greeting card are genuinely more eye-catching than a simple dog birthday card.

That’s because this card is an intricate wood-cut card that features a dog on a bike, with two cats manning the wheels. It’s blank inside, though, and the card has 5 ½ ” x 5 ½ ” measurements. 

It would be a great greeting card for dog lovers who also adore cats. So if your friends love both animals, this may be your best bet for dog cards.

5) “You think it’s easy being Santa?” dog Christmas card

With all the birthday cards above, you may wonder what to do if your friend’s birthday falls during the Christmas season.

Well, no need for concern. We have dog Christmas cards as well that you can present as birthday cards.

This dog birthday card is almost similar to the dog card above with birthday bow ties and tails.

However, for this dog Christmas card, you’ll see a cute dog wearing a Santa hat instead on the cover. It also has a funny statement for Christmas greetings and will make your recipient grin if you’re close friends with them.

So, if you want to greet your dog-loving friend with a “Merry Christmas” and a “Happy Birthday” at once, you may want to try this out.

6) Paws and thank you dog card

Even though this is a card for giving thanks, you can still use it as a birthday card.

This is especially true if your friends love rescuing animals.

If you want to thank your dog lover acquaintances on their special day, this is a thoughtful dog birthday card that’s perfect for showing your appreciation for them.

Its cover photo is that of a rescue dog surrounded by a blanket, which is cute and will definitely warm the heart of any animal lover. 

Also, you can use this as a Mother’s Day card from their dog. You can even give it to them as a Father’s Day card from your own dog if the shoe fits.

7) Labrador photo greeting card

One of our dog cards that perfectly suits fans of Labrador Retrievers!

If you are looking for dog cards with Labradors, this is one of the best and easy to look at.

This is one of the dog cards that use vibrant colors to emphasize the joy of celebrating your friends’ birthdays. The cupcake on the Lab’s nose will make you want to poke its nose.

It’s definitely a lighthearted way of greeting the special people in your life with a happy birthday.

Summarizing dog cards

Dog cards are one of the best ways to relay your well-wishes to dog-loving friends and loved ones celebrating their birthdays. It’s also a way to show that you appreciate their interests and honor the things they love.

BarkYours have many cards you can choose from, so feel free to browse through our collections.

You can even look for dog bandanas, dog shirts, dog decor, or dog mugs if that’s something up your friends’ alley.