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7 Ways to Incorporate Stylish Dog Decor into Your Home

February 16, 2022

It’s natural to want to make your precious pup feel comfortable at home by putting dog-approved bits and pieces in their environment.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your home’s interior and exterior designs to make way for your dog.

The following is a list of ways to incorporate dog decorations around your house while keeping them stylish.

Let’s get started!

7 ways to add dog decor

1) Lay it down with doggy doormats.

Pet-friendly decorating, including putting doggy mats at the door, is a perfect way to let everyone know you’ve got a pup at home.

Dog-inspired doormats are not only stylish but are also practical in keeping unwanted dirt out. Most doormats are easy to clean, so you can simply pick them up, shake off all the dirt the best you can, and you’re good to go.

2) Proclaim your puppy love with dog signages.

Dog signages are an excellent way of showing people how much you love your precious pooch while adding a fun flair to your house.

Aside from the typical “Beware of Dogs” sign, you can also go with “Beware of Dog Kisses” to add a fun spin-off that should make your guests laugh—or maybe conscious of avoiding your puppy’s mouth.

You can even try using dog-inspired motivational quotes if you want.

3) Furnish your home with cozy and fashionable dog beds and blankets.

Spoiling your precious furbaby is already a given, so why not go the extra mile by providing them with a comfortable dog bed that matches your home decor?

Imagine your adorable pup snuggly tucked on his matching dog bed, looking like a baby in its own wonderland.

You could even spice it up more by matching the bed with a blanket.

4) Kick off your day right with adorable dog mugs.

Dog mugs are excellent ways of starting your day since you’re incorporating the two best things in life upon waking up in the morning: dogs and energizing drinks.

These stylish utensils are not only practical but also show how much your pooch means to you.

You can even go with dog mug designs that clearly state your love for your pup.

5) Find your inner Pawcasso with warm dog artwork.

For artsy people, or at least those who appreciate the arts, you can give more life to your home by decorating it with dog-related artwork.

These artworks don’t only give spice to your home; they also show how much you love your four-legged companions.

6) Get comfortable with dog pillows.

Pillows are necessary to make your house more comfortable than it is, which is why they’re basic necessities in your bed and the living room.

You can liven up your interior by placing dog-inspired pillows, too.

Not only are you chilling from the comfort of your pillows, but the designs will also put a smile on any visitor’s face.

7) Highlight your love for your pups by putting up dog photos.

Pictures serve as solid remembrance of moments you’ll want to reminisce about for the years to come. They’re also stylish decorations that would go well with almost anything in your home.

So, why not place photos of your precious furbaby around the house to show how much they mean to you?

Or, if you don’t have any dogs but are a canine lover, dog photo frames will also relay a similar message.

Dog decor products to choose from

1) Sometimes, you just need a dog

Made-to-order dog mugs like this one are an excellent addition to liven up your home, mainly since they express your love for man’s best friend.

You can also choose from other designs like Stay PAW-sitive and Dog lovers mug, where the same sentiment remains.

Sometimes, when things don’t work out and everything seems to be falling apart, just knowing that your precious furballs are with you is enough to pull through.

2) Snuggle pillows

Chill and snuggle with your favorite dog pillows designed to give you the most comfort based on your favorite breed.

You can choose between different designs like Terrier, Basset Hound, Chocolate Labrador, White Labrador, Beagle, Dachshund, and Pug.

There are even stylish statement pillows like “Mother of Rescues” and “I Like Big Mutts and I Cannot Lie”.

3) Corgi dog frames

Show off your adorable four-legged companion with this wood dog frame that works great wonders in enhancing the aesthetics of your home.

If you have other breeds you want to use stylish dog frames for, the design on “You, me & the dog” may be more to your taste. There’s a black frame version for it, too, if that’s more your style.


There are plenty of pet-friendly decorating options you can do to incorporate stylish dog decor into your home.

Just keep in mind that the most critical factor you should consider when installing these dog decors is your precious pup.

If a dog painting scares them or a dog bed doesn’t work for them, consider changing these products instead to something that suits their preferences.

After all, many pet parents decorate their homes to show our love to our canine friends.