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8 Custom Dog Art and Crafts You Can Give Your Loved Ones

February 23, 2023

Are your friends and loved ones fur parents and dog lovers?

If you’re not one yourself, it can be hard to think of thoughtful gifts to give them. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

How about a few pieces of dog art? Whether you DIY or buy it from a shop, dog framed art is an excellent gift for canine lovers.

It’s a beautiful way to immortalize the relationship of your loved one with his furry creature.

Don’t have a clue where to get good-quality dog art and framed dog prints? Here’s a list you might find handy.

Dog arts and crafts for your loved ones

1) This custom watercolor pet portrait

This 8 x 10 custom pet painting will capture any dog’s (and dog lover’s) little quirks.

All you need to do is submit a photo of your friend, and you get to bring home an impressive watercolor painting.

Your dog lover friend can have it framed and hung anywhere in their home. 

2) This custom art piece painted by renowned artist Debby Carman

Who wouldn’t want to receive custom dog art done by a renowned artist like Debby Carman?

This dog painting has whimsical colors that will undoubtedly make any space in a dog lover’s home livelier.

The painting “pops out” nicely when hung amidst a neutral-colored backdrop.

Here are more examples that your dog lover friend won’t stop thanking you for.

3) This informative (and cute) Dogs of the World Map print

Did you know that there are more than 360 dog breeds around the world?

This cute Dogs of the World Map shows all dog breeds and landraces in their respective countries of origin. 

Any canine lover would appreciate having one of these to hang in their home.

4) This funny dog greeting card

Looking for something funny and small? No, we’re not talking about chihuahuas—we’re talking about greeting cards! 

Get your dog lover friend a greeting card that sums up how silly and fun life with a dog is.

There are several varieties to choose from, no matter the occasion. It’s simple but impactful, especially if you make or personalize one.

5) This very creative Word Cloud

Here’s another informative and fitting gift for fur parents who love to show off how proud they are of their dogs.

This dog art can be personalized to include a dog’s name in the print. It comes in five colors and two varieties.

6) This framed dog print

Dog prints are very versatile. There are many styles, colors, and sizes to choose from.

No matter the breed of your friend’s dog, you’ll find something that suits their taste. 

Look at this 5 x 7 portrait of a classic English Bulldog. If you have friends with the same dog breed, they’ll love this.

7) This dog art photograph

If your loved ones have several dog paintings already, why not give them dog photographs instead?

Some frame-ready personalized dog photographs can include your loved one’s photo and a few witty (and funny) dog saying. Who could resist that?

You can also take a photo of your friend’s dog and turn a print of that into a greeting card. This linen greeting card can even be framed!

8) These unique dog art sculptures

How about something that literally “pops out?” Check out these 3D dog art pieces.

Cocker spaniel lovers will definitely appreciate this piece.

Your loved ones don’t even need to worry about having it framed. It will arrive on their doorstep prepared and ready to hang.

Want something hilarious for your dog lover friends? Give them this Pug 3D Pop Art. It’s cute and incredibly funny!


It can feel a little intimidating to look for beautiful pieces of dog art you can give as a gift.

Hopefully, this list helps you decide which one to get your dog lover friend.