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Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable Pet Week: Dog Fashion Ideas for Adopted Dogs

March 3, 2022

Did you know that in a survey by PetFinder, a whopping 95% of rescue groups have pets they would label as “hard to adopt”?

It’s heartbreaking, but numerous factors can cause pet parent-wannabes to consider an animal as “less adoptable”.

And while Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable Pet Week usually falls in September, many pets worldwide still wait for their forever family all year round.

For this reason, we’re going to tackle dog fashion ideas in this article to help less adoptable animals find their loving, forever home.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week?

The Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week is a one-week event dedicated to raising awareness about the benefits of adopting animals that tend to get passed over for one reason or another.

But since hard-to-adopt pets are abound throughout the year and not just in September, here are a handful of less adoptable animals we suggest that you consider:

1) Senior pets

Some of the less fortunate creatures at shelters and rescues are senior pets that are generally overlooked in favor of younger ones.

This may be because of common misconceptions by pet parents, such as needing to shell out a lot of money for senior animals’ care and vet expenses and senior animals being less trainable.

Another stereotype is that senior pets are also less active than their younger counterparts, which, for many pet parents, don’t make them great companions.

However, these scenarios don’t always necessarily apply. Furthermore, even senior pets are as loving and precious as any other younger ones out there.

2) Pets with special needs

These animals are often overlooked due to their physical disabilities or illnesses.

Some people refuse to adopt disabled animals because they’re worried that they would have to spend a lot of time and effort tending to these pets’ needs or covering for the medical bills.

However, there are cases where pets with special needs won’t require a lot or even any specialized care.

Animals are very adaptable creatures, and they can function like any other normal-abled pets in one way or another.

On top of that, pets with special needs are super loyal and caring and would shower you with love and affection like no other—even if you put a fashionable dog harness on them.

3) Bully breeds

Bully breeds like Pit Bulls often get overlooked at adoption sites because they’re “scary” and “hard to approach”.

Because of these misconceptions, they often spend a lot of time in shelters and rescue groups.

Even with these myths, however, bully breeds can be very calm and affectionate pets that would love to have a place they could call home. Like any other breed, they’re also trainable, and you can even try putting them in your own fashionable dog carrier.

Why adopt a pet?

Aside from the increasing pet animal population, the following are why you should adopt a pet instead of breeding one:

1) You’re saving lives.

Around millions of adoptable pets are euthanized each year because too many pets are coming into the shelters. At the same time, too few people consider adopting while too many give up their pets.

It’s likely that this number will dramatically lessen if more people opt for adoption instead of buying or breeding animals. This also helps shelter pets and rescue pets a chance to live their lives fully.

2) Adopting costs less.

Usually, when you adopt a pet, you’re only paying for their spaying procedures, neutering procedures, and first vaccinations. You might have to pay an adoption fee, too, but it’s relatively lower than buying an animal from a pet store.

In addition to that, your expenses may even go lower depending on the services of the shelter or rescue home since some of them offer free spay/neuter, among other things.

3) You’re contributing to the fight against puppy mills.

Believe it or not, many dogs bought from pet stores are sourced from unethical puppy mills.

These puppy mills breed dogs on a factory-style basis, where they put profit above the canines’ welfare.

Most pups from these inhumane mills also tend to be sickly and troubled since they are housed poorly with little to no medical care.

Furthermore, the moms of these pups are kept in cages only for breeding purposes for who knows how long, only to be separated from their children. And after they have “lost their value”, these dog mommas will then be discarded by the puppy mills, with the possibility of getting killed, abandoned, or sold at an auction.

Cute fashion ideas for adopted dogs

On the other hand, if you already have your very own adoptive furry companion and you want to dress them up for special occasions, we’ve enumerated a couple of dog fashion ideas:

1) Pet bandanas

Turn your already-adorable furbaby into the most fashionista pup out there with these chic bandanas from BarkYours.

This pet bandana containing a golden shimmer with fringe design is perfectly themed for Valentines and Christmas cheer, while this popcicle fun-designed bandana for your pet is perfect for the hot summer.

You may even fancy the ones with the beach day and dancing sharks designs for your pooch, too.

Overall, though, we advise that you always consider how the bandana would look on your dogs and how they would react to this type of dog fashion clothes.

2) A matching mask and dog shirt or vest

Join in the fun and be fashionable with your dog with these matching dog shirts/vests and masks.

Designs like Money/Dinero, Yorkie, Chocolate Poodle, and America Is Great will surely look great on both you and your adorable pooch.

Strolling outside on a matching outfit will be the envy and adoration of every dog lover you will both meet.

In conclusion

If you’re thinking about getting a pet as your quadruped companion, why not consider adopting pets from animal shelters or rescue groups?

Fashion your new pet with cute dog fashion designs to show how lovable they are, despite the “less adoptable” misconception surrounding them.

By doing so, you can help break the stereotype against these adorable and loving creatures.