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Age is Just a Number: Helping Your Dog Age with Grace

December 30, 2018

Watching a loved one get older isn’t easy for anyone.  And, dogs are no exception.  It’s hard to watch a dog go from a hyper puppy that seems to never sleep and jumps at the slightest sound, to one that sleeps so deeply he rarely responds to a doorbell – except when it’s food delivery.

One of my first memories of my dog was when he was a puppy and we were taking a walk through town; he saw his reflection in the library window and couldn’t figure out who that other dog was and why he mirrored his every move.  His curiosity, innocence and playfulness has never gone away, but he has a perhaps wiser and more reserved way of expressing it.

Old age isn’t a disease, but it is an inevitable stage of life that pets and owners must navigate.   As I go through this new stage with my dog, it comes with tons of love, licks and a wagging tail, and, despite the diversions that day-to-day life brings, I try to make the most of every minute of it.  And, I’m learning a lot in the process.  My dog is enjoying his latest gifts, two new orthopedic beds.  And, I’m learning about the new age of CBDs and finding new foods that he enjoys and are easier for him to digest.

Here are a several tips that have been recommended to me and that I’ve found especially helpful during this next stage:

  • Continuously exercise his body and mind with fun walks and amazing toys
  • Take care of his teeth regularly.  Good hygiene is not optional and is important for his health
  • Consider increasing your yearly annual veterinarian check-ups to semi-annual check-ups.  (It’s an extra precaution for them, and also helps put my mind at ease.
  • If your dog has an upset stomach, it’s not just ok – but it’s good – to modify his diet 
  • CBD for dogs is not a bad thing and there is a large marketplace for it.  I’m certainly not a medical professional and had my hesitations, but it’s nice to know that there are options out there that will bring more comfort to my dog as he continues to age.
  • I’m not sure if this is for everyone, but I Google everything so I have a better idea about “expectations.”  While no two stories or dogs are alike, I find comfort in knowing what to expect

Their affection is timeless; their devotion is ageless; their love is forever.  I don’t know who said that but if you do please let me know, because it’s true.


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