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Announcing the BarkYours Blog…

December 8, 2018

The holiday season is such a special time to celebrate with family, friends and loved ones…and to reflect.  And, so it’s the perfect time to launch the BarkYours Blog, a place where I can connect with the special and growing BarkYours community, and hopefully share some inspiring stories, laughs and relevant information that connect us all as dog-lovers.

Let me start with a little background on BarkYours.   It starts with a special dog named Randall.  A little over 13 years ago, Randall came into my life and changed it forever.  He’s my handsome Tibetan Terrier, but he’s been so much more than that to me over the years.  I’ll save some of those stories for a later date, but what’s important now, is that he’s the inspiration behind BarkYours.com.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for decades, but have sought ways to bring together that desire to build and grow with something that I feel passionate about.  Dogs, for me, are a deep passion.  And, I can genuinely say that, while I am always appreciative and grateful of the gifts I receive, nothing tops the gift of Randall, which I received from my family 13 years ago.  And, 2nd to that have been the gifts I’ve received from time-to-time that are inspired by or feature Randall.  They make me laugh; they are nostalgic; and, they really are the gift that keeps on giving.

And, that’s the inspiration behind BarkYours.  I’m an entrepreneur and a dog-lover.  I can’t say I’m an artist, but I am incredibly inspired by all the talented creators out there.  BarkYours is a platform for those entrepreneurs.  And, it’s the start of what I hope will be a growing community where we can share not only great gifts and talents, but also advice, stories and laughs.

If you’re a dog-inspired artist, please sign up as a seller.  If you are in the market for a gift, kindly check out their unique crafts.  If you’re just looking for ideas and stories, please check our blog often and sign up on BarkYours and get on our email list here:  https://www.barkyours.com/en/signup.  And, if you have ideas or stories, please email us at info@barkyours.com.

Important note

Two years ago, we welcomed a beautiful daughter into our lives.   She is an indescribable and amazing gift in different ways.  Beyond all the joy she has brought our family, she keeps close tabs on Randall’s pee-pees and poo-pees.  I’m sure many of you can relate to the bond between and dog and a young child, and she’ll certainly be popping up here, if you’ll indulge me.

Enjoy, and Bark Yours!