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Are Dog Shirts Bad for Dogs? The Pros and Cons

April 26, 2022

Whether or not our four-legged companions should wear dog shirts is a seemingly unending debate.

While some pet parents believe it’s alright to dress up your dog, there are also others who think that it’s too excessive.

Whichever side you are, we did some digging into the practice of having your Fidos wear dog T-shirts.

Read on to get the scoop!

Pros of dressing up your dogs in dog tee shirts

1) Dog shirts highlight your puppies’ sense of style.

Fashion has progressed so much that you can now give your already adorable canine companions an extra flair.

In fact, dog fashion shows have already become a global trend open to all interested dog lovers.

Not only are well-dressed pups charming to look at, but dressing them up is also a fun way to include them in festivities.

2) Custom dog shirts are a way to protect pups from the elements.

As do every piece of clothing out there, dog shirts protect your pups from the heat, wind, and rain.

Sure, dogs may have their fur to rely on, but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra layer of protection. Some dogs, like small breeds, elderly dogs, and ill pooches, can have trouble staying warm even with their fur.

3) Dog T-shirts can keep your pet clean.

With a dog shirt, dirt can’t easily reach your dog’s coat since their dog shirts are their first line of defense.

You’re not only saved from grooming your dog again and again, but you’re also preventing your house from getting dirty if your unwashed pup gets comfortable on your soft sofa.

4) Dog shirts help your pets stay visible.

If you and your dog are the type to go out on off-leash hikes, nighttime walks, and hunting trips, visibility is essential to keep them safe.

One easy way to do that is by having your pup wear colorful dog shirts.

Cons of having your dogs wear dog shirts

1) Custom dog shirts may cause an allergic reaction.

Believe it or not, even your pets can get allergies, which can come from the materials used in making the dog shirt.

If you know what can cause an allergic reaction in your precious pup, carefully inspect their dog tee shirts and materials to prevent them from getting allergies.

Make sure, too, to give your dog your utmost attention for any telltale signs of allergic reaction.

It’s best to immediately consult your vet if you don’t know what to do if they get an allergy.

2) Having them wear a dog shirt may result in overheating.

Imagine how hot it would feel for your precious furbaby if they were to wear thick dog t-shirts under the scorching heat of summer.

Not only will they feel hot and thirsty; they may even get hyperthermia due to overheating.

It’s best to be mindful of the clothing material and the weather, especially if you’re going with them for a walk on a hot day.

3) Big dog shirts may cause unnecessary stress in your dog.

There may be dogs that don’t mind the extra layer, but there are also others that do.

Wearing something that they’re not comfortable with may make your dog stressed and irritable.

If you’re not careful, your precious furbaby might even bite someone because they feel very uncomfortable with the dog shirts you made them wear.

It’s best to be aware of your furbaby’s preferences and respect them.

With that, here is a list of custom dog shirts you might want to try on with your dog…

1) America is great

Display your and your pup’s patriotism with this dog shirt inspired by the American flag.

The material is made of comfortable cotton fabric, and there’s even a matching face mask for you.

The outfit also closes with velcro, making it very comfortable to wear for dogs with this measurement: 8” around the neck, 12” around the chest, and 9” in length.

2) Wild horses

If your doggo is interested in horses, then this horse-filled design should make them trot happily as you both parade down the streets.

There are also other designs you can look into if your adorable pup is interested in them: Avocado Princess and Mom/Dad Lucha Libre.

Each design also comes with a face mask that perfectly matches pet parents.

3) Money/dinero

If you’re looking for a more monetary design, this dollar-filled dog tee shirt should be right up your alley.

You’re also getting a matching face mask to complement your furbaby’s fashionable dog shirt.

So, should you dress up your dogs?

Whether dog shirts are bad or not is entirely up to your furbaby since their likes and dislikes differ from others.

The least you could do is understand and respect their preferences since they will be the ones wearing the custom dog shirt.

Always keep in mind their comfort and well-being.