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Biting Back: Art for a Good Paws

April 1, 2019

We recently came across Biting Back – Art for a Good Paws, a New York City-based organization that leverages dog-inspired art as a way to promote love for animals, and donates proceeds to from their events to local dog shelters and to better the lives and well-being of neglected animals.  Biting Back is led by Kim Holiner, Eliza Kapitan, and Elizabeth Argibay, a talented trio who have come together to leverage their backgrounds in creative arts and animal activism to make a difference in the local dog community.  Their inspiration originally was in response to the Guggenheim’s portrayal of “Dogs that cannot touch each other” video as art, a video and exhibit that was better depicted as animal cruelty and led to a lot of protests in the local community and beyond.

Biting Back uses real art as a way to raise money to better the lives of dogs.  For each of their events, they bring together dozens of artists who donate their dog-inspired works for what has become a multi-day art show.  Beyond the art show, their events include raffles, merchandise sales and plenty of entertainment.  It’s a great way to bring unity across the dog-loving community, and, most importantly, it all goes to a good cause.

On May 3-5, 2019, Biting Back will be hosting their 2nd event at A-Bar Brooklyn, and reminding people, once again, to Adopt Don’t Shop!  Proceeds from this event will go to Second Chance Rescue NYC, whose mission is to reduce animal overpopulation in shelters rescue and rehabilitate injured and neglected animals.

BarkYours is a proud sponsor of this event.  We’re excited to be raffling some of our favorite items from our BarkYours’ artists, and promoting a cause that resonates so deeply with us and our community.  If you’re in the neighborhood, we hope to see you there.  Either way, we encourage you to check out https://www.bitingbacknyc.com/ and get to know their cause, their artists, and perhaps consider donating or purchasing a work of art.