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Charity Spotlight: Remembering Poh the Dog

February 15, 2019

We recently came across the story of Poh the Dog, a dog and a story that touched more than 150,000 fellow dog lovers, and continues to make an impact today, three years after Poh’s passing.

When tumors started growing in his body and Poh was diagnosed as terminally ill, his owners decided to make the most of his remaining days.  They set off on a trip from NYC to the west coast to live out one last big adventure.  That last adventure ultimately turned into a long bucket list of adventures that had them traveling back and forth across the nation multiple times as Poh beat the odds and lived on for nearly one year following his diagnosis.  He lived until February 12, 2016.

Poh’s owner, Neil Rodriguez, chronicled their adventures on social media and amassed followers around the globe.  Through the journey, beyond sharing some fabulous stories and images, Poh’s followers got a taste of what it’s like to care for a senior animal.  It was a lesson of love and community, and also a real education on ideas and treatments that can help an aging animal live out his last days in comfort.  Through acupuncture, water therapy and laser therapy treatments, doctors were able to reverse Poh’s “irreversible” kidney failure and extend his time and experiences surrounded by love, comfort and new adventures.

As a way to keep his story alive, Poh’s owners created “LIVE LIKE POH,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating pet owners about caring for senior dogs.  They are currently in the process of funding a new fund – THE POH FUND – with The American Medical Center of NY, to provide relief for dog owners who have senior dogs in need of the same care that Poh received.

In support of this great cause, @aaronfreas is currently raffling off a great art piece in remembrance of Poh’s passing.  Raffle tickets are just $5 and all proceeds go directly to THE POH FUND.

This is an amazing story of a very special dog, and the connection between a dog and his owners, that has stayed with us for many years, and continues to make an impact.  At BarkYours, we know and live this passion every day – we are artists, entrepreneurs, dog owners, gift givers, and more – but ultimately we are a community of dog lovers.  We love coming across these stories and supporting and raising visibility to these important causes.