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Dog Lover vs. Dog Parent: 20 Distinctions You Need to Know

November 24, 2021

A dog lover and a dog parent may sound the same to you, but there is a clear distinction between the two.

The distinction primarily lies in the degree of responsibility the individual has with the pup.

Let’s take a nosedive into the major differences.

Dog lover vs. dog parent

A dog lover is someone who appreciates, at the very least, the existence of dogs and the joys they bring. They usually can’t help themselves but approach and pet an adorable pooch strolling together with its owner when they see one.

A dog parent, on the other hand, is someone who loves a pup and takes responsibility for raising it like their own child. They’re usually the type who gets their beds taken over no matter how many times they tell off their mischievous pooch.

In most circumstances, the dog lover is usually the one who gives the dog parent a gift for the adorable pooch of the latter.

20 scenarios that differentiate a dog lover from a dog parent

1) Out on a stroll

A dog lover will pet a dog who’s out for a stroll when they see one and then move on feeling happy that they got to pet the pup.

A dog parent, on the other hand, will usually strike a conversation with the owner and ask for dog-related details, such as where they bought their dog leash or some dog-raising tips.

2) Visiting the dog park

A dog lover visits the dog park to have fun playing with and seeing all the dogs gathered together.

A dog parent visits the dog park and becomes a point of reference for the pup-parenting styles of other dog owners.

3) On vacation

A dog lover goes on a vacation or an adventure to enjoy themselves.

A dog parent goes deep into reference materials to make sure that they can safely bring their pooch on their adventure and have fun together.

4) General attitude towards all dogs

A dog lover loves all dogs equally.

A dog parent thinks all dogs are great, but their precious Fido will always be the best for them.

5) Enjoying other people’s company

A dog lover can greatly focus on mingling with others.

A dog parent can still mingle when going out with others, but they would worry about their pooch at the back of their minds.

6) Enjoying other pupper’s company

A dog lover will see a pup and enjoy their company in and of itself.

A dog parent can’t help but make points of comparison between their pooch and the one they met on the streets.

7) An excited dog

A dog lover gets to enjoy all the excitement and happy energy of any dog they meet.

A dog parent gets all of that, along with unforeseen poops and unexpected mood swings.

8) Regarding furniture and wardrobe

A dog lover gets to enjoy a fur-free wardrobe and undamaged furniture.

A dog parent can’t remember the last time they washed a shirt without having to deal with the generous layers of fluff from their pup.

9) Alarm clock

A dog lover needs to entirely rely on their alarm clocks to wake up early in the morning.

A dog parent already has a pestering and loud alarm, albeit not too reliable, in the form of their pooch.

10) Disposing leftovers

A dog lover would constantly worry about how to dispose of their leftover food.

A dog parent could rely on their pooch to eat the leftovers for them, for as long as it’s edible for canines.

11) Flaking a plan

A dog lover would have to come up with an elaborate alibi when they want to flake a plan.

A dog parent could rely on their unknowing pup to be the reason why they “can’t” forgo with the plan.

12) Going on adventures

A dog lover usually goes on a jog alone and with music blaring from their earphones.

A dog parent always has a partner for adventures like running or hiking.

13) Coming home

A dog lover comes home greeted by silence if they live alone, or greeted by anyone they directly live with.

A dog parent comes home always greeted by the barks of their excited pupper.

14) Side of the bed

A dog lover gets the entire bed for themselves.

A dog parent would always get squished by their pooch no matter how big the bed is.

15) Photos in their phone

A dog lover may have a lot of selfies in their gallery.

A dog parent would always have a lot of pictures of their adorable furbaby, especially on special occasions.

16) Grocery shopping

A dog lover buys groceries for themselves.

A dog parent makes additional purchases for their precious pups, such as toys, treats, and shampoos.

17) Alone at home

A dog lover gets to enjoy the solitary peace and silence of their homes.

A dog parent would have to constantly deal with the squeaks of dog toys or the pestering nudges of their affectionate Fidos.

18) Roaming the house

A dog lover can freely go from one room in their house to another.

A dog parent would always be tailed by their pooch wherever they go, even when going to the bathroom.

19) Going to the doc

A dog lover would only have to worry about themselves when going to a doctor.

A dog parent couldn’t help but get their pup to a vet, too.

20) Watching movies

A dog lover can tolerate watching sad dog movies.

A dog parent would tend to stay away from these movies since they could vividly empathize with the characters and their canines, especially when the plot is similar to their real life.

In the end

Both types are affectionate towards dogs and would want to keep these adorable furbabies happy and smiling all day.

The only difference is that dog parents live with dogs, while dog lovers necessarily don’t.

That’s why you can buy dog-inspired furniture or accessories as a gift for dog lovers, while a dog parent would appreciate it more if you gave them dog-related stuff that has practical usage for their pooch.