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November 21, 2020

The Holiday season is here and even after the worsening pandemic, a silver lining is spending so much time with my dog and I know this to be true for a lot of dog parents. This is maybe the happiest our dogs have ever been and the cherry on the cake are the holidays. People do all sorts of things for their loved ones during this time, but the ones that get most excited by those things are their dogs, and me!   Even the gifts I give & get are typically dog-themed and those are mainly my favorites – a dog-themed t-shirt, a pet bag, a mug with my dogs mug, or a piece of art inspired by him are all around the house.  And even the people that don’t have dogs, eagerly await the cute festive pictures of the dogs on Instagram.

This time of year, people prepare special things for their families and obviously for their most beloved dogs.  The special bond with pets strengthens even more around the holidays because of all the extra treats, love, attention and the walks that people spoil their dogs with.  Coming up with unique ways to make the holidays memorable and those memories are just part of the fun and watching all the goofiness, and cuteness overload just adds to the wonderful time.

Dogs are the best companions to be with on holidays. On Halloween, you don’t have to wait for a kid to knock on your door to ask “Trick or Treat”, you can teach your dogs a trick and then treat them for being such “Good Bois”. And if you own a puppy, then you are in luck because those puppy eyes will trick you into giving them some extra treats.

On Thanksgiving, Pawrents (pun-intended) are thankful for the well-being of their dogs. They can be thankful to see those tails wagging whenever they come back from somewhere and can also be thankful for all the times when they’re awakened in the middle of the night for a fun mid-night walk or a bark alerting them to a noise they heard outside the house. (Yes, it was wind, and yeah we won’t stop barking just cause you to tell us too, Hooman – says every dog.)

On Christmas, the dogs become little elves tearing away at the wrapping paper and going after the cookie crumbs that fall on the floor while staying up at night waiting for Santa to bring them  a new chew toy.  And, the fun of dogs barking carols like “Bow..Bow..Bow” (in the melody of “Deck The Halls”, of course.)

Dogs are special and they bring joy and excitement to our lives and make any day festive.  If it were up to our dogs, every day would be a holiday – though usually is.  Any day spent with dogs is a great day and any gift that reminds us of our best friends is the best gift.

Below are  just a few gifts found on BarkYours.com.  All are created by individuals deciding to create art, clothing or crafts – individuals just like you and me inspired one day we love our pets so much we decide to create because of them.

From Greeting Cards, T-Shirts, Mugs, Artwork, Dog Tags, Collars and Handmade Treats for Dogs.

This is sure to be a hit with everyone.  PopsicArt creates the most iconic pieces of pop art.  All dog-inspired  pieces are on BarkYours.com

Dog Breeds in Silhouette form.  Any breed – handcrafted – it’s just amazing by Giddyup Pups. 


A gift from your dog?  Sure, why not wear this Dog Mama Tshirt every day to show how much you love them from Dandy Randall Wear…exclusively on BarkYours

You don’t have bags until you have this bag.  Created with pieces of beautiful fabric resembling different breeds.  This one is a hound.  By Carry-On Designs.