Welcome to BarkYours Spotlight

From Corporate Hog to Everything Dog

November 2, 2019

BarkYours.com is a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of dog-inspired items and gifts.  It was born out of a love for dogs, and a genuine pride and admiration for all things dog.  It’s hard to find that perfect gift, but somehow something that reminds us of our dogs is sure to be a hit and conversation starter.

So, who is behind the inspiration of BarkYours?

Our Founder has been in the corporate world for decades.  An entrepreneur and connector at heart, he’s been managing a marketplace of sorts his entire career.  But, a very different kind.  As a technology recruiter, he has matched hundreds of employers (aka sellers) and many more employees (aka buyers), helping companies build out teams while helping people grow in their careers.  There are many ups and downs that come with this profession, but successfully making that match is what makes it all worthwhile.

Our Founder has a deep passion that goes beyond the corporate world.  Managing the ups and downs, getting through those extra-long days at work, and dealing with those more challenging clients; some days in corporate America just aren’t that easy or predictable, and, quite frankly, they aren’t that rewarding.  But, one thing was predictable for him, and that’s the loyalty, companionship and joy that his four-legged sidekick has delivered without fail every working (and non-working) day since they were united.

How did BarkYours become a “thing?”

So, what do you get when you marry this knack for connecting people with a deep passion for dogs?  Well, that’s really the inspiration behind BarkYours.  Our goal is to connect entrepreneurs who sell dog-inspired merchandise to people who share a passion for dogs.  It’s a destination where people can find a special, unique gift that is meaningful and thoughtful.

And, making that happen, is like finding that perfect match, over and over and over again.

What’s in it for dog-lovers?

Our message is two-fold:

First of all, follow your passion.  It doesn’t have to be a complete leap of faith to find something meaningful and inspiring.  For us, dogs are our passion.  And, it was important to find something that encompassed that passion to make work more meaningful.  Our Founder’s skills and his passion came together, and that makes every day so much more rewarding.

And, if you’re a dog-lover, we hope that you’ll enjoy what BarkYours has to offer!