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Helpful Tips for Training Your New Puppies

April 12, 2021

What is the meaning of happiness for you? When you bring your fur baby home and take a break from your daily routine and spend some precious time with your puppy making sure that your new pooch acquires their life-skills from you.

If you want to build a great bond with your dog, you need to train them from the initial stage when they enter your place as a puppy. Read through the below training tips and for when you bring your puppy home. Let’s kick-off (or bark-off) with some essential tips:

Train your puppy/dog about using a crate

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to train a puppy, but crate training is an amazing way to make your furry one settle in at their new home. This training helps them to be on schedule. So, what’s important for puppies is to train them to love their crates, so the best way is to give them treats once they enter their crates and even feed your puppies via their crates. So slowly and gradually, they will embrace their crates, and you can leave them alone at their crates when you are not at your home.  Lots of times they treat their crate as their bedroom.

Time for Bathroom rules for your furies

According to the best dog trainer experts, you need to make your puppy learn potty rules once they enter your place because when your puppy is small, they will learn things easily and will not forget, so be firm with your puppies, help them understand leashes, positive reinforcement training and crate training, by this training you can teach them to use the bathroom only outside not inside at your home.

Train your dog – to walk on a leash

Playful puppies are so cute! But it seems tough to make them walk on a leash, so in that case, practice makes them perfect. So, if you want to make your puppy socialize and in your control, you have to make them practice again and again about how to move perfectly on a leash.

How to socialize – the must be the training part.

Once your puppy is small, you will impart good socialization training; once they are big, it is difficult to teach them. So at the earlier stage, your dog with good training will build its confidence, become friendly with strangers and other puppies, dogs and will remain patient and respect the members of your house and other outside people.

The best part of training – “How to sit.”

Do you know what a fun trick is? To teach your fur baby how to lay down or sit. So, this training is very important, and you must make them understand that when you tell them to sit, they have to sit and stop jumping on strangers or visitors and be very respectful at their mealtimes. And even you can train them new words like come and stay

Final Talk

So, when are you getting a new member at your place? Do not forget to teach the above tips to your puppies, and they are already geniuses and wise beyond their years but they do need some training….., love them unconditionally and play with them to the fullest. They will be yours throughout their lives, these beautiful fun loving dogs.