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Holiday Shopping Guide: Here’s A List Of The Best Dog Christmas Presents

December 21, 2022

There are all sorts of great dog Christmas presents you can give the canine lovers in your life. We’ve already enumerated some of the best in these previous BarkYours gift-giving guides. But here’s another list that can help make your holiday shopping easier this year.

1) Unique and personalized dog art

Handmade and personalized items always make for an excellent gift. Giving items like these is the best way to show your loved ones how much you care about the things that mean a lot to them.

Take personalized dog art, for example. You can customize these items to fit the home of your canine-loving friend. There’s also a variety to choose from, including ones made from reclaimed wood, beautiful colorful paintings, pop-up art, and modern digital prints.

2) Dog-inspired home decor

One way to brighten up the holiday season for the dog lovers you care for is to give them something they can add to their collection. How about a memorable piece of dog-themed home decor?

The Bark Yours team personally loves this Frosted Pines Soy Candle. It’s the perfect holiday present for anyone who loves (or is obsessed with) the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree. 

Once this candle’s scent starts wafting inside the home, it’ll be like walking through a Christmas tree farm or sitting by a fireplace.

Dog-themed Christmas ornaments also make for an excellent gift. They’re affordable, and you can customize them to make them extra special. 

Garden ornaments, tea towels, wine bottle stoppers, decorative pillows, and cookie jars are also great gifts.

3) Jewelry and dog-inspired accessories

Pieces of jewelry are very intimate gifts but definitely worth giving. These are great gifts for someone very close to your heart or grieving the loss of a pet who may feel lonely this holiday season.

You can give bracelets with rainbow bridge pendants, personalized keychains, statement caps, and “proud mom” bangles. Pouches, tote bags, pins, buttons, and personalized collars are also excellent gifts. 

4) Dog-inspired statement shirts

Dog parents are always proud of their fur babies. They show it off through shirts, stickers, and even their mugs of morning coffee. 

There are canine-themed shirts for dog moms and dads and avid walkers and adoption advocates. There are even dog shirts with funny and witty prints—perfect if you have friends who love showing off their sense of humor. 

You can also customize shirts to reflect the advocacies that your friends support. Are they an advocate of adoption? Do they support any particular local shelter that could use the added visibility? Do they campaign against animal cruelty?

These are some of the things you can ask yourself so you can find just the right kind of dog shirt for your dog-loving friend.

You can also give shirts that match ones made for dogs, but you have to ensure that you choose ones made from the right materials, as not all shirts are safe for Fido.

5) Personalized mugs

Gift them a personalized dog mug if your dog-loving friends are also huge fans of a steaming cup of joe. 

Dog-themed mugs never go out of style. They’re affordable, easy to come by, and they’re even better when they’re personalized. That’s why they make great gifts, especially if you’re doing your holiday shopping at the last minute.

6) Dog-themed greeting cards

Books about dogs, greeting cards, and stationery are also excellent gifts. There are even magnetized greeting cards and pop-ups you can choose from.

Although these gifts are simple, they can also be very meaningful. You can make them from scratch for a more personal touch or buy one and add your artistic designs.

7) Dog treats and toys

Who says you can only give holiday gifts to your dog-loving friends? You can also provide gifts for their fur babies! Treats, dog toys, and clothes are some of the best choices. 

You can give dog macaroons, homemade canine biscuits, paw creams, and pillows. Leash accessories, boxes of treats, poop bag containers, dog beds, bandannas, and portable water bowls are also excellent choices.

8) Doggie day out

If you don’t want to give any material things, you can give “passes” instead. For example, how about gifting your dog-lover friends a day pass to a must-visit canine-friendly destination?

You can even treat them to a day at the dog spa or the best dog parks in your area. It’s also great to give them discount coupons for a grooming salon. After all, who doesn’t want to bit of pampering now and then?

It’s always the thought that counts

No matter your gift choice during the holiday season, it’s always important to remember that it’s not about the gifts. Instead, it’s about showing the people you care about that you’re happy they are a part of your life. 

It’s also about letting them know that you also care about the things that are important to them. Let the dog-loving people around you feel loved and cared for this holiday season through meaningful dog-inspired gifts and treats. Find the best gifts at BarkYours.