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How People Choose Their Dog’s Name

November 12, 2020

A man’s best friend, the Fluff Clouds, the Chimken Lovers, then Poop Monster and Happy Doggos – pardon my spellings, but that’s just how all of us become whenever we see a dog around us. Various stupid names we call our dogs by are just not enough to express our love for them. We also give them names that are often close to our hearts and are sometimes so difficult that no one except you and your dog understands the meaning. But there are a lot of dog names that are very common among all the dog owners. I am sure that you have seen a tail wagging whenever you have called out these names.

Bella, Charlie, Luna, Lucy, Max, Bailey, Cooper, Daisy, Sadie, Molly, Buddy, Lola, Stella, Tucker, Bentley, Zoey, Harley, Maggie, Riley, Bear, Sophie, Duke, Jax, Oliver, Chloe, Jack, Penny, Rocky, Lily, Milo, Piper, Toby, Zeus, Ellie, Nala, Roxy, Winston, Gracie, Coco, Murphy

These are some of the most common dogs’ names. I am sure that you can think of countless others that are not mentioned here

Dogs and their names are very close to the owner’s hearts. Even if someone gives their dog a name on whim they get attached to the names. They can’t imagine another dog with the same name, and so can’t their dogs imagine their owner calling other dog with such names. Each dog carries a different personality and have unique habits when they are in their comfort zones. Therefore a lot of dogs are named based on those traits only. Sometimes they are named depending upon how they look. Sometimes depending upon when they were brought in their forever homes. The dogs that have been adopted or have faced adversities have a fighting spirit and they survive and fight for their lives. They are often named after struggle during those times. People name their dogs after Greek mythology, names from centuries ago, characters from TV & movies.

Some dog names are really specific to some dog breeds. Like you hear a name and get an image in your head that, that’s how the dog is going to look like. Most commonly owned dog breeds are Labradors, Retrievers, German Shepherds, Pitbull, and cute furballs like Pomeranians. Most common name associated with Labradors are Cooper, Bella, Sadie, Max, Luna and Lucy. The collars of most German Shepherds read Zeus, Zoe/Zoey, Bear, Luna and Max. For the Pomeranians the most common call tags are Bella, Quinn, Elsa, Stella, Sophie, Aurora, Dolly, Candy, Angel, Swayer, Bear, Puppy and many more.

But these norms also keep changing as people are really experimenting with the names of their fur babies. No matter what we call our dogs, they will always be guilt tripping us into giving them treats with their puppy eyes and will always wag their tails when called upon and will always woof…woof at us as if we completely understand what they want to say. Sometimes that is all we need to hear to pull us out of a tiring day and re-energise ourself.

A dog may be just a part of your life but to them you are their whole life. To sum it up, dogs are wonderful and so are their names. Each dog deserves a fun name and all the unfathomable love that comes with it.

-Thanks for reading and we should mention all names are great names.

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