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It’s A New Time (Springtime) on BarkYours.com

March 10, 2021

Hope springs eternal and this Spring paves the way for hope. Spring and hope are so intertwined in the mind, body, and soul. And so with that, we just wanted to touch on some thoughts of this Spring, in particular. Though this Spring brings a new sense of calm with a “light at the end of the tunnel” with our vaccines, with some brings a sense of anxiety as we get to our new normal regarding what’s next. What’s next regarding masks, offices, schooling, playtime, vacation – it’s so overwhelming we must consider taking time to focus. At this time for many, it’s a complicated mix of feelings. Everyone wants the end of the pandemic, but for so many, it’s allowed us to sit back and reflect so it’s ok to feel nervous about what’s to come and how we overcome the next set of circumstances and be productive. Remember to get up and out – enjoy the nicer weather. And, especially get outside with your dog. Dogs reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, improve our cardiovascular and even lead to increased opportunities for socializing – people with dogs often love to chat with other ‘dog people’! I am a dog-person and often tell the story of the number of people that I know for years that still don’t know my name but know my beautiful and amazing dog’s name. 

And it’s with those fun dog people in mind that leads us to BarkYours and how the new Spring banner was designed. Beautiful colors against a bright background complete with fun tennis balls, flowers, dog bones, butterflies, and of course dogs and shopping bags (because we are BarkYours – the dog-themed gift marketplace created by artists & entrepreneurs inspired by their dogs.) This site was created for people who love their dogs by those people so inspired by their dogs they’re starting a new creative business – designing fun t-shirts, dog-themed clay art, drawings of your dog, hand-sewn bandanas, dog-themed handbags, and so much home-decor with handcrafted dog images. Drawing, sewing, baking, weaving, painting, designing are also all stress relievers – no matter your occupation, finding time for yourself and becoming immersed in this type of activity is not only fun and enjoyable but can be life-changing. And, if you decide to create dog-themed products because you’re so inspired by your dog – please list and sell them on BarkYours.com. We would be so happy.

When you have a moment please log on to BarkYours.com and enjoy our new Spring banner, and if you have more moments, we invite you to look at all the exciting handcrafted dog-inspired clothing, crafts & art for people and pups. Reach out to the artists personally that you appreciate – let them know you love their products and ask general questions. Remember we’re all in this together – including our dogs.

Happy Spring, Everyone!