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Love is in the Air…as Well as Gifts for Our Loved Ones

January 27, 2019

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and, even though it’s one day of the year – and hopefully a year that is filled with countless special moments – I like to use it as an opportunity to recognize the extra special people in my life, and, my dog, of course.

Life has different phases, and, as I reflect back, Valentine’s Day plays a role in each.  There were:

  • The early childhood years: everyone in your class gets a Valentine’s Day card, or at least that’s the intent.
  • The late childhood/ early teen years: you hope you get a carnation in school from that special someone
  • The early adolescent years: you hope  to get asked out by that special someone; if not, mom may send you a Valentine and sometimes that’s good enough
  • The later adolescent years: you hope you have a date, and, if not, it’s ok, because you’ll hit the town with your friends and likely have even more fun (or at least pretend to!)

And then there’s a bunch of phases of adulthood.  Today, for me, that means spending time with my “real” special someone, my daughter, and my dog.  And reaching out to my parents and siblings, and often giving them a little something.

Which brings me to…our Valentine’s Day gift round-up.  You can never go wrong with jewelry, so we have some of that.  But there are countless of great gifting ideas and listings available at BarkYours.  Here are some of our marketplace favorites:


For your best gal:  Silver necklaces

These sterling silver necklaces come in dozens of breeds, and keep your dog near your heart at all times.  She’ll love it, and he’ll get to look at his special someone – and his dog – at the same time.  What more can you ask for!



For that special guy: 

Enjoy your day together, and then let him know you care and that you “get” him.  Give him a free pass to watch football (on a different day!).  Make that generous offer extra special with this “Watching Football While Hanging Out with my Dog” t-shirt.



For that special dog mom:  Crafty socks

This creative seller just joined BarkYours with an amazing selection of socks with fun messages.  Dog moms are special moms, and their feet need a rest, too.   What a better way to recognize them!



For the man who has everything:

He has everything he needs.  He doesn’t need anything.  He doesn’t want another tie.  We’ve all heard different versions of the same story.  Well, here’s an idea.  What about a dog-themed bag to put it all in?!  These bags are practical, unique, and come in dozens of breeds.  I bet he doesn’t have one, and I bet he’ll enjoy it!



A back-up plan for diamonds?

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a DOG. We love t-shirts, and this is a great one.  (If she’s expecting diamonds, you may want to double-up on gifts!)



For your dog:  “Neck jewelry”

Of course you can’t forget about Fido!  Here’s a personalized tag that is sure to get some attention and licks.