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Only Dog People Understand

September 10, 2019

Dog people are a certain breed.  They happen to be my favorite breed, but I admit I’m a little biased.  There are some things only we dog people can relate to, but that’s ok because I know I’m in good company. Here are some of my favorites.

What’s on your list?

  1. Dog people need king-sized beds. Heck, if it was feasible we’d probably push two of those king-sized beds together.  Because dogs are the worst bed hogs, but there’s no way we’re kicking them off the bed.
  2. Plastic poop bags have a time and a place. For dog lovers, it’s all the time and in every place.  If our jacket, pants or shorts have a pocket, there’s a pretty good chance there’s a (hopefully clean) plastic poop bag in there.
  3. We kiss on the lips and we’re proud of it. Even if it makes everyone else in the room uncomfortable.
  4. We wear dog-themed clothes and we’re proud of it. We walk around feeling cool.  And our fellow dog lover friends comment on it.  (I assume everyone thinks it’s cool?!)  (Men’s tees – Alpha Dog)
  5. Since we dress in dog gear, our children do, too. And I know they are cool.  (Toddler tees – I Love My Doggy)
  6.  And, so do our dogs.  (Dog bandanas with a pocket
  7.  If we’re sending a card from the family, our dog’s name is signed on there and we’re likely sending a dog-themed card. (Non dog people probably wonder if they missed a birth announcement!) (Greeting card sets)    
  8. We talk to our dogs and praise them for the miraculous things they do. It’s not just “good boy” or “good job;” I’m talking full on conversations.  We understand them, and they understand us.
  9. We leave our televisions on for our dogs even when we’re not home. They need company and reality TV, too.
  10. The greatest feeling is the feeling we get when we come home and our dog is so excited to us. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been gone on vacation for a week or simply walked to the mailbox and back. The tail wagging, the jumping, their ears raised in excitement – you are your dog’s favorite person, and they make you happy. And that’s why the rest of this list makes so much sense.

We’d love to hear from you!  What did we miss?