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The Holiday Banner for BarkYours.com

December 1, 2020

The holiday banner went live on 12/1/2020.  We thought it was fitting to start a fresh banner – moving our fall themed banner which we loved to the new  holiday banner designed by a seller on BarkYours.com; Dogz Dogz Ts & More – fitting because it’s #givingTuesday and that’s a big deal for BarkYours.  We consider our banner important to us as it fits the theme of the season.  We treat it like the Macy’s or Bloomingdales window’s in NYC. We take time to plan and discuss.  It’s a fun time.

The banner is different from the original idea the artist came up with which was more glitz-filled with holiday lights, poinsettias, presents & of course, dogs.  Dogs are the main guest of honor in this little festive arrangement complete with pine cones, wood textures and ribbons which take us all back to an amazing cozy holiday festivity.

This is slightly more muted, but still tingles the senses with delight for the holiday season aptly titled “Holiday“.  We hope you enjoy it.

Happy Pawliday’s and please look to BarkYours for gifts for people & pups.

BarkYours is proud to represent small-business artists creating dog-themed clothing, crafts & artwork.  People inspired to create because of their dogs – they love their dogs so much just like you and me.