Welcome to BarkYours Spotlight

Welcome Fall; Welcome Sellers; Welcome Welcome

October 9, 2020

It’s a new season, and we are so excited to kick it off by welcoming an impressive list of new artists and makers who have decided to list their beautiful products on BarkYours.

We opened a new food category featuring treats and desserts, and even a treat that makes your dogs breath better.  Welcome Brewscuits, Bonne et Filou, and YoYo’s breath mints.   Bonne et Filou is a fellow New Yorker, which is also home to BarkYours’ HQ.   I had a wonderful conversation with Yan from YoYo’s breath mints; what an amazing background and so great to get some insight into the formula for her wonderful treats.

And, we are excited for the new creativity in our traditional categories.  Welcome, Giddyup Pups! Patti, it’s great getting to know you.  Your beautiful wall art is an inspiration.  Welcome, Melanie from Mel’s Workshop, home of greeting cards with beautiful designs that become artwork.  I love a card that’s also a gorgeous gift.  And, welcome Swanky Mutt!  Thanks for keeping things special for dogs with your amazing dog tags!  And, Ada from Ada Nieves for Pets for your creative dog outfits with matching bandanas.

And, we’ve got one other new category to announce, and kicked off by a BarkYours blog contributor!  It’s Books.  Check out Peggy Hoyt’s book;  “All My Children Wear Fur Coats – How to Leave a Legacy for Your Pet” is now on BarkYours.

Thank you all, and welcome.

Lastly, we hope you noticed our new Fall banner, designed by one of our sellers.  Autumn has always been a favorite for me and my dog.  The weather always gives him a little kick in his step.  He loves a cool breeze and I love a light jacket.  Our new banner conveys the freshness that the season brings, designed with warm beautiful fall colors, and of course, beautiful dogs.    We hope you enjoy it.

We hope Fall is a great season for everyone.  Please keep checking BarkYours for new and exciting holiday themed gifts.  Yes…..that’s right around the corner.  We thank you for being part of the journey – and thanks for shopping on BarkYours.