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Why Didn’t I Realize?

August 5, 2020

We’ve been quarantined for some time now.  At the beginning of this I admit a lot of things made me sad….and I’ll tell you what some were.  We’re from NYC (as you might have known from a previous post), and sitting in a small apartment for two weeks (which turned into months) didn’t make us happy.  So we left.  Escaped to the Berkshires.  A place with definitely a lot more space and less people per square inch than NYC.  NYC is amazing and I miss it so much, but it was a necessary move to preserve our sanity – with a spouse, two young kids, and a dog, I knew it was better for them, even if not for me – or so I thought.

Let’s be realistic, our new life took a lot of adjusting, as I know is the case for most of us.  Leaving family and friends, the new reality of Zoom classes, working remotely, all took a toll.  The impact to BarkYours was hard for me, too; I knew some sellers on BarkYours were starting to limit their sales or temporarily closing shop.

TikTok made me a little sad, too.  The app itself isn’t sad (aside, perhaps, for the countless hours lost watching); in fact, some of the home-made videos are outstanding (side thought – sensing a theme between BarkYours.com, a site for handmade & homemade dog-themed gifts and TikTok, a site for handmade & homemade videos, right?).  What made me sad is I watched countless videos about people taking advantage of quarantine “down time” to learn new skills and work on themselves, and I felt like days and weeks were quickly slipping by and I personally wasn’t making any attempt to better myself.

So what the hell did I do during quarantine!?!  Well, it just dawned on me while creating a beautiful promo about BarkYours.com.  You see, creating a beautiful promo on BarkYours was something I wasn’t that skilled at pre-Covid days, but I have to admit my new promo is gorgeous (or as gorgeous as a promo can be).  And, then a bunch of wild things went through my mind which inspired me to write this post in less than 10 minutes.

I DID LEARN THINGS!!  When it comes to BarkYours.com, I learned a lot.  I embraced new sites and apps to help new businesses with their creative efforts, sites that help with social media posting, tools to manage budgets, and more.  Most importantly, I learned new ways to enable sellers on BarkYours.com to sell better.  And, I gained some PR skills – shameless plug: on August 9th at 11.30am EST, check me out on the Podcast of: The Wolfkeeper starring Toriano Sanzone.

On a personal level, I learned a lot, too:  I learned that my dog who just turned 15 is quite happy with a new shaved cut (after a lifetime of long, flowy hair); I learned that remaining upbeat can do wonders for my family; I learned that I can love NYC but can also appreciate new places like the Berkshires.

And, I’m excited to put all my new business skills to action to take BarkYours to the next level!  Now that we’re heading back to NYC, all the artists and makers of dog-themed gifts are opening back up, and some sellers are doing better than ever, I know things are going to be ok.  And I’m excited for what comes next.

What did you learn?