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Charity Spotlight: Six Year Old Saves Over 1,000 Dogs

December 16, 2018

I always find the “other,” more personal, news clips a refreshing break from the various news stories that surround us on a constant basis.  This week’s special segments on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle’s #GoodNewsRUHLES were no exception and left an especially meaningful impact.

Six-year-old Roman McConn inspired the creation of a non-profit organization called Project Freedom Ride, with the goal of saving dogs from over-crowded shelters in Texas, following his family’s adoption of a shelter dog in 2015.  He, along with his mother, Jen, the founder of Project Freedom Ride, lead a well-established mission to move dogs from high-risk shelters in Texas to safer environments in Washington State.  It’s a three-day trek via trailer across 2,000 miles facilitated by a number of generous volunteers.  The dogs are then taken to their new loving families, Humane Societies and other rescues across the state.

But it’s the results that tell the full story.  To date, the organization has saved over 1,000 dogs.

Roman is the face of Project Freedom Ride.  He has posted countless videos with dogs in need of rescue and frequently speaks about the cause; his passion and commitment are truly impressive.

Our dogs are our family.  It’s heartbreaking that many dogs – who have so much love and joy to give – are never given a chance.  It’s amazing to see a 6 year old and his family – motivated by a deep sense of caring – take it on as a personal mission to make such a wide-scale impact.


Enjoy, and Bark Yours!